Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Druga Wycieczka

I was asked to go on another class trip with Macie's class and another 2nd grade class this past Monday. This time we took a day trip out to a small town about an hour and half away called Łeba (pronounce weba). We went last year for a few days with our friends so we had been once. This town has amazing sand dunes! However, we didn't see them this time. We took the kids to a "Magic Garden" where there were maybe 20 different game stations set up. The kids paired up and had to play the games and whoever won each game received the stamp. At then end of the time whoever had the most stamps won! This took about an hour of time. The games were all handmade and very creative...and challenging!! It was so fun to see the kids get excited and competitive. There was no rhyme or reason or order the games. They would finish one and then find another open one.

When we finished the games, we walked across the street and went through a labyrinth. Fifty 8-9 year olds split into 4 groups with 1 or 2 adults...and NO MAP!!! This was a great challenge but the kids had a blast! I really saw how much of a leader Macie is. She may have been heading in the wrong direction, but everyone confidently followed her. I am so proud of her and pray that she will lead people to follow after Christ! 

At the end of the time, we walked back across the street (which was more like a dirt road) and had a bonfire and cooked kielbasas. Now I am not sure American schools would have a big bonfire for 2nd graders without more parental involvement. And of course all of the kids brought money to buy ice cream and each got 2 scoops plus candy for winning and whatever candy they brought. The bus ride home was CRAZY!! But all in all, a fun day! I am thankful Macie's teacher asked me to go. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kids' Day

In Poland, on June 1st, we celebrate children!!! It's a fun holiday. Kids get spoiled from their parents and in school. Our church had a kids' day celebration today. It was so fun! We had a grill and tons of food to go with it. There were fun games for water balloon toss, sports games (as Macie said) and Bible trivia...face painting, and a trampoline set up that each could jump for 2.5 min. Ha! The adults were able to just sit around and chat. Our great neighbors came with their girls. It was a long day for this introvert, but all in all, it was fun!

Men are good for doing the grilling. 

Getting their groove the ChaCha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle and even the Cotton Eyed Joe.

Ella's 12th Birthday

For Ella's birthday, all she wanted was to invite a couple of girls over from church, paint fingernails and go somewhere for lunch. Our plan initially was to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Gdansk. However, we found out it was the city's birthday so there would be a lot of commotion. Then she decided we should go to her favorite crepes cafe in Gdynia. We loaded up and arrived. It was PACKED!! So on to plan C...Pizza Hut. Success!! Afterward we went for ice cream...after snacking all afternoon, it was hard to believe these girls could eat like this. Ha! It was the easiest party for me and I hope Ella had as much fun as she appeared to.

Macie's friend, Nadia, came to keep her distracted.

The aftermath.

What a huge ice cream cone...and this was a medium!

Ella's actual birthday was a BUSY day! I felt so bad that we weren't able to make it all about her. She and I squeezed in breakfast at Starbucks followed by some window shopping together. She is becoming more and more fun to hang out with.
This girl is getting so big! 

Birthday breakfast at Starbucks. 

I love you, Ella Christine and pray that this next year you will know God in new and wonderful ways! 

A Lighthouse

My friend, Ute, is always finding fun ideas for little trips. This time both of our hubbies were gone on work trips so we loaded up the kids and drove out to a town along the Baltic coast. We found one of the oldest lighthouses in Poland. It was so cool to tour around and see how the structure changed during it's more than 100 year lifetime. The day was so beautiful, but still quite chilly, unfortunately.

Blix has gotten so tall! 

It was a bit windy on the observation deck. 

Of course Ella finds the chickens.

We ended the day with a picnic lunch. Too bad we couldn't get through this fence to walk along the beach. Oh well, sitting in front of it was pretty good!