Sunday, January 23, 2011


All my kids have looked forward to when talking about Poland was to see snow. They have been very disappointed. We have had no snow. When we showed up there was snow on the ground but it had obviously been there a while. This past week there were some snow flurries a few times but not much more than that. Today it all changed. We woke up to see a bunch of tiny snow blowing around just outside of our windows...being on the 5th floor helps with that since it hasn't made it to the ground and melted. The girls were so excited!!! All through the day it continued to snow enough to accumulate on the ground and get all over our boots as we walked to our small group tonight. 

Now the snow was neat just to see it fall but the coolest part was what I saw while waiting at the tram stop this morning. Being that I have lived in Texas all my life, I have had few opportunities to see real snow and analyze a flake. But today I did. Remember these are tiny white polka-dot size flakes, not huge flakes. Ella was catching them on her gloves and showing them to us and of course they were landing on James and my black wool coats. As I looked closely at the individual flakes I saw that they actually look like snowflakes I used to make out of tissue paper or paper plates as a kid. WOW!!! I know it was such a kid moment for me but that blew my mind. And each flake looked different. I had heard that but today I actually was able to witness that. 

So then that made me start thinking...God thought enough of tiny, little snow flakes - that are only to make the ground pretty and let kids have snowball fights and build snowmen or be annoying to those trying to travel in it - to make them all different. He created each flake not to look like any other just like he made people all individuals. Yes we all have similarities...arms, legs, heads, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair...but not one of us is exactly the same, not even identical twins. God could have just made a snowflake a white dot and we would have thought nothing of it but He didn't. And he could have made each one of us exactly the same but He didn't. He gave us different features and personalities and quirks. And that is what makes us all unique, just like the snowflakes that landed on my coat and Ella's glove today.  It just blew my mind to think about.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Whole New World

Aagh!!! The last post was in May? Really? Where has the time gone? Oh yeah...I remember. We have moved 4 times since then, been in intensive training, spent our final 3 weeks in the states with as many friends and family as possible, and moved to a brand new country...all the while trying to stay sane and somewhat normal for our children.

What an amazing year this has been. God has really taken me on a journey of trusting Him and watching His faithfulness. I am not saying it has been a walk in the park everyday...because it hasn't. My marriage has had it's up and many downs. My kids could probably say the same about my role as their mom. I have fed my kids more fast food then they should eat in a life time and that nice somewhat organized and clean house I enjoy has not been there as much as I would like. But God is faithful! And my kids are well, they are fed and clothed and have had many roofs over their heads. They have been to the beach in Florida as well Disney World. They went to Sea World and the Alamo in San Antonio.

In Virginia they spent a day apple picking and another in Historic Jamestown...the first American settlement.

And even a couple days in New York City.

They even managed to be asked to be in 2 weddings!

 They have made countless friends and have learned to say goodbye to each of them...often with tears.


But yet through it all they have been great! So now we are beginning a new journey that God has called us to. I will do better to keep you all informed. Thanks for the prayers and kind words! We love you all!!