Monday, May 7, 2012


Ella has had a bike for a LONG time. She had a tricycle before she really had the motor skills to ride it. She then had a bike with training wheels and was good. Then the summer before we moved to Poland, we got her a bike for her birthday without training wheels and with handle bar breaks so she would learn everything all at once. We got it a little bigger than she needed so that she could ride it for a long time. Well that was about 2 years ago. She could not ride that bike. She is very timid when trying new I think it was just too big. We had her bike boxed and shipped to us but it didn't come until last October so we are just now having a chance to use it. Macie rode the tricycle some when she was little but she has never had a bike. Last year someone gave us a hand me down bike for Macie, but we never pumped up the tires and took her out on it. It has no training wheels, just the bike. I must say, this is a much better way to teach a kid to ride a bike. Forget the training wheels and go straight for learning to balance the bike. Macie is a bit timid, however, she is independent and likes to do things for herself.

Today we took the girls out into our courtyard and within 15 minutes, both girls were riding alone...maybe a bit wobbly, but riding none-the-less. By the end of an hour or so, they were doing great. Both girls are able to get themselves started alone. Braking is a bit more of a challenge but they had a blast. I am so proud of them!!! Here are some fun videos.

Macie when she first started

After she got better

Ella first starting

And she's off!!

Today was a successful day on the bikes. I am looking forward to future family bike rides together!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Northern Poland Take 3

It was our 3rd trip to the north as a family...James has been once without us. Every time we have gone, I get out of the car and fall in love again. I LOVE GDAŃSK!!! I love the area and the beauty and the cleanliness. I LOVE IT!!! It feels so nice and like home. I want everyone to come and visit us up there because I LOVE IT!!! Haha! Anyway here are some pics from the trip...Although the day we were actually in Gdańsk I forgot my camera. The north is a tri-cities area. It is made up of Gdańsk...the largest city and on the southeast part. Sopot is in the middle. It is more an upperclass city. Gdynia is on the northwest side. All cities are equally beautiful. We stayed in Sopot because we had meetings in both Gdańsk and Gdynia. Here are some pics...when you see them you will want to come visit. :) Did I mention we will live on the Baltic Sea? Ok I know it's cold but is a beach and I have beach babies for sure!


Because of a lot of what we were dealing with Ella and just in life, we were told we needed to contact our member care people for the IMB. As a result, they wanted to get together with us and visit. So we took a very quick and spontaneous trip down to Budapest, Hungary. We spent a lot of time visiting and looking at books and getting some help for our decisions we were making. But we were able to walk around the city a bit. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Easter 2012

We were able to spend Easter with some good friends. We decorated eggs, did resurrection eggs, read the Easter story and at chicken fajitas. Here are a few pictures from the day.

And yes it snowed all was crazy!!!