Thursday, June 23, 2011


Certificates are a BIG DEAL in Poland. I am not sure why but they are. So this past week we attended programs at both girls schools for the end of the year. Both girls got certificates and books from their teachers. Both of them had small programs as well. I will post pics and do my best to post videos.

Macie sticks out from her friends!

When she came to get her certificate she hopped on her knees.

This is all I got of her.

She did enjoy reading her book. She will probably be able to read it before me!
Ella with 2 of her friends...Zusia and Iwonka.

Ella's class singing.

Sweet girl

This is the entire school...classes 1-6.

Ella getting her certificate

And her book

Ella with Iwonka and Zusia

This Ella's helper and her private language tutor Pani Jadzia. 

This is Pani Agnieszka, Ella's teacher. She will have both again next year.

Couldn't get the stinkin' videos to load but they are on my facebook page.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rainbow Picnic

Have I mentioned how much I have LOVED the girls' schools here? They have both been so great for the girls. Ella's school has provided her a language teacher that is at no extra expense as well as having swimming classes, taking trips to the country for a few days, and other cultural things. Macie's school, though is amazing!!! She has been to the theatre a few times, the library to meet an author, had various small plays at their school, been to a farm, and so many other things. I am beyond thankful that Macie is at Rainbow Przedskola (preschool).

Today was her family picnic. It was at a I thought...about an hour from us. The drive was amazing. It was beautiful to see the countryside outside of the city. Well when we arrived we found out that it was actually a little farm full of animals and a playground. The first thing we saw as we walked up was a big black pot-bellied pig. Ella LOVES pigs...I mean she wants a pet pig so badly. This was amazing. There were goats, a baby deer, rabbits, horses they got to ride, and even a guinea pig. Haha! Ella was in heaven. She is an animal lover.

Macie was in heaven, being the little social butterfly that she is, because all of her friends were there. She played on the playground, with the animals and with a giant parachute. I don't get to see her interact much with her friends so today was fun to see. She would run holding hands with a chain of girls. Kids would rattle of whatever they were saying in Polish and she seemed to understand, answer and run off. It was so cute to just sit and watch her. I am amazed at her language skills. She even told a kids who was telling me something that I couldn't understand him because I could only speak English...really Macie? Really? Haha...

After our crazy day events I forgot to take my camera. Glad I at least had my phone. Enjoy the pics!

Ella is in HEAVEN!

Macie's friend Karolinka that lives in our building as well.

Macie on a horse

Ella getting started.

Ella was disappointed they could only go around once.

I couldn't get a great pic of the here is a snout.

Ella and a bunny

Macie with Karolinka

Macie has on different clothes because I forgot she needed to go potty. Thanks Marisia (pictured) for sharing a dress with M!

Plans can always change...

We have been planning for a couple months to help with a children's day today for the orphans we have worked with in the past. I was up before 7 making little tea sandwiches when Macie changed our plans. For this past 6-8 weeks Macie has been complaining off and on about pain in her stomach. She will scream in pain. I am not sure what the deal is. I have tossed around that maybe it is a wheat allergy or milk allergy. We saw a doctor a few weeks ago that is a pediatric allergist. I asked her about it but I think she didn't fully understand what I was asking. It didn't go to far...ugh language!!

So when Macie was running to the bathroom with diarrhea ever 5-10 minutes and screaming in pain I decided enough was enough.  We decided to head to a children's hospital. So how do we know where to go? I called my friend Kirstin and she informed us of how the ER system works. They are on a rotation of days to be open. In other words...all ERs are not open everyday and how do you know which is open? Look in the newspaper...really? Ok Then she suggested we call our language teacher and ask him. His wife was so sweet and told us to take her to the children's hospital close to their house and let us know that they speak English there. we were off to drop sandwiches at church and then to the hospital.

We found the hospital quite easily but finding the ER was not so easy. I really thought there would be some sign that would be obvious that we were going the right way. NO We spent about 15 min or more wandering around and translating signs on our phones until we FINALLY found a set of words that translated to ER. Haha! So we found our way to the check in was definitely different than the US hospitals. Not bad necessarily but definitely different. We checked in and waited for the doctor like normal. He spoke decent English and checked Macie's stomach with his hands and listened to it. He didn't feel anything but felt like that she needs to see a GI specialist. So we will have to try and find one to get her into. He did listen to her lungs and said she sounded tight. (She does have asthma and has been having flare ups this week.) He decided she needed a breathing treatment. I am thankful for that because it comes with oxygen verses our at home nebulizer that is just the meds. She responded great to that. So we missed the kids' day which I was bummed about but we got more meds for her machine as well as a referral to see a specialist. Macie  will always keep things exciting in one way or another...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Tonight I attended Graceland. It is the ESL school I have been working with this past semester. During the semester we have read an adapted version of Robinson Crusoe and had discussion on it. Anytime I have tried to talk about spiritual topics the door has been closed on me. I was kind of discouraged about this. This week another team member started a 4 week study using the a film of the Gospel of John. After the video we break up and have discussion questions/conversations based on what we have read. Tonight I was paired with a girl...probably about my age...named Basia (Basha). She has a son (6) and a daughter (8). I have never met her but really felt it important to pray during the film and during our conversation time. And wow! She was very willing to open up. She talked about some physical abuse she went through as a child from her dad. He would go to church on Sundays and then come home and treat her and her brother so terribly. When she was about 16 she really began to question God, obviously, and so I asked her if she believed that Jesus was God's son. She just stared at me...almost surprised I asked this. It took a little while to answer. She said yes...but I am not sure she is convinced. Please pray for Basia and then I would have more interaction with her. I think God brought her to me for a reason.