Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas Shows

The girls both had Christmas shows at their schools. Macie's was called "An Evening of Poems." Each kid memorized a poem and then in between they sang some songs. It was so cute!

Ella's entire school participated in her show. She is a part of the choir and they performed. I was in a terrible location and couldn't get great pictures. I am so proud of her joining the choir. She LOVES it!!! 

This is Ella's Polish teacher that she spends the majority of each day with and she is also her choir teacher. Ms. Basia is absolutely precious!!

I am so thankful for the experiences my girls are having in each of their schools. God has been so faithful to take care of them. 

The Experiment House

The girls have been begging to go to a children's science museum in our city. So today we decided to surprise them and take them. It was so fun!!! Everything is hands on and so much learning. Ella LOVES science stuff. She could have stayed all day and never been bored, however she was quite over stimulated. There was just so much to see and do.

Crazy optical illusions. 

We lost our bodies. :( 

Navigating a wheelchair is quite difficult. 

Watching ice make steam. 

Rolling balls. 

Playing with water. 

I don't think this will be our last trip to the museum. I highly recommend it!!

Christmas 2013

When Ella was born, we decided that we would give our kids 3 gifts (plus a Santa gift) like Jesus receive 3 gifts from the wise men. This keeps it more simple and plus they get gifts from the rest of our family so they have plenty...well more than plenty really. This year we had 2 different sunday school classes from America "adopt" our family and sent gifts to the girls. My kids are so great in that they rarely have huge wants. Ella has said before at her birthday that she hates that time of year because she has to think about what she wants. I kept asking the girls to give me lists to give to the classes about what they would like to have. Finally, exasperated, Macie tells me, "Mom! I told you...I want chapstick!" Oh that this is how they will always be. Ok anyway, they definitely got more than chapstick this year. I kept reminding them that this year was a special year and that other people were so sweet to give them things.

One thing the girls did want was a new American Girl doll. Thank goodness the grandparents came through! Macie already had Molly, but she and her best friend Emily were being retired this year. So my mom got Emily for Macie and Josefina for Ella. Ella also wanted the girl of the year, Saige, because Ella said she was "just like her!" Nonny (James's mom) got Saige for Ella and Kit, whom Macie had already she decided she wanted before knowing Emily was going away, for Macie. They also got MANY accessories for each doll. So we now have 6 American Girls living in our house...I think that is PLENTY!

Here are a few pics from our Christmas morning. Unfortunately, about half of our boxes from the States were VERY late thanks to the mail system this year. So I missed out on being here for the girls to open stuff from the other SS class and from my mom, dad and another box from Nonny. So I don't have these pics since I was in the States when they showed up. But the girls had a great time opening without me.

One of their gifts is always Christmas pjs. We spent Christmas Eve with our friends, the Meads so we gave Kayla a pair also.  

We had a wonderful Christmas time this year but are very ready to celebrate with our family back in the States in 2014!!! Thank you to everyone who gave us amazing gifts and loved on our family this year. :)