Sunday, September 25, 2011

Macie Elisabeth

Macie, today you turn 5 years old. Really?  That is a whole hand!! Where has the time gone? You are a constant source of laughter, entertainment and independence. You always have to do things your way. You are so clever that sometimes I forget how young you still are. You want to read so badly and your teacher told me you are ready to go! Last night you read out of a book a police lady gave you at school. I was so amazed at how well you were doing...even read the name Weronika (Veronica)! You are speaking Polish very well. You run around with your friends and y'all understand one amazes me. I wish you could rub off on your mom and dad! You color and draw pictures all the time. You are good little artist. You are also a good mommy to your babies. I love that you tuck them into their "bed," and then set a book up for them to read. You are good sister, and you and Ella are such good friends...most of the time. You love God, I hear it in every sweet prayer you say. I am praying for you that God would continue to soften your heart and that you would listen for His voice and one day ask Jesus into your heart. I am so very proud of you and thank God everyday that He gave you to me to be your mommy! I love you Macie Elisabeth!

Macie at maybe 5-6 months old
Macie at her 3 year birthday
Eating a rib at 1 year at Thanksgiving
2 year old Macie enjoying a snow cone

Macie and Allison at 4 years
My crazy 5 year old!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Last Saturday we had our second meeting with the teens from church. We had a meeting in July but only with one girl because it was holiday time in Poland. So we decided we would wait until after school started again in September to meet again. This last Saturday we had about 10 or so kids show up. Woohoo!!! We were so excited. James led a Bible study about having a survival kit for the Christian life. (I was off to get pizza for lunch and didn't get to hear it but I am sure he did a great job!) We then hung out and just talked with everyone. It was a good practice for our Polish and their English...most speak English well enough to have a conversation. All in all it was a great day! We are looking forward to the next meeting in a couple weeks. Unfortunately I forgot my camera! No pics...have to remember next time.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hiking Around Ojców

Last week one of our teammate families, Janet and Ken, asked us to go with them to Ojcow on Sunday. They have talked for a while about wanting us to go out there with them. I didn't really know what to expect. I thought we were just going to a little town to see it. We were leaving right after church, and it was going to be a warm day. I wore a cool, comfy skirt, and the girls wore their cute matching sun dresses. James just wore his jeans he had worn to church. I say this all to say that the girls and I were not dressed for some of the climbing we did. It wasn't major climbing. It was little rocky hills, but still, our flip flops were not the best choice of attire. But we did fine and had a blast. The weather was perfect! There were people everywhere. And of course we had to have ice cream because 80+ degrees is just too hot not to have some. LOL Here are some pics from the "hike."

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Friday, September 2, 2011

First Days of School

School is different in Poland. In the past, kids don't officially start school or Klasa 1 until they are 7. So last year Ella was in first class, which was kind of a repeat of first grade/kindergarten from the States. It was good since she needed to learn the language. Now they are changing to do away with "zero klasa" or kindergarten and starting Klasa 1 at age 6. And age is based on a calendar year rather than by September first. So Ella is now bumped back a year, which I am totally fine with, and next year Macie will start first class...kind of a year ahead of the States. So Ella and Macie went from being 4 grades apart in school to only 2 grades apart. All that is to say that Ella is in second class this year and Macie is in the 5 year old "pre-k" class. They are both attending the same schools but Ella's changed location. They have the same teachers and all the same friends. I am very thankful because I so loved both of their teachers.

Day 1 for Macie was easy as pie! She marched straight up to her classroom, gave all of us kisses on the stairs and pushed her way through everyone standing in the door before I could snap a picture. Oh well, glad she was happy. No worries there. Ella's first day was just an assembly and classroom meeting. No worries...or shouldn't have been. I was a wreck. And last night before bed I sobbed. I am so worried about Ella. I want her to speak Polish and have friends. I want her to feel like she belongs. She is such an easy kid and can find joy in anything but I can see hollow eyes that are faking a smile. Hopefully all will be fine. James and I prayed for her and with her last night and this morning. She will be good. God has called us here and hasn't left her alone. I have to claim that promise a well as remember that we have been here only 8 months and she has been in school about 6 of those months. A full year will be good for her. Ok...that is all my ramblings. Here are first day pics!

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Last Days of Summer

I wanted to make sure our last few days before school started were fun times. So we did something each day. Last Thursday we took them rollerblading in the park. They are getting girl, judging by the much less falls on the this trip. On Monday we went to a candy shop to watch them make was a flop because they weren't making it when we were there and the shop was so tiny it wasn't worth standing around. So we just got the girls a lollipop and walked around the Rynek. We watched a guy do marionette puppets in the center. The girls love watching him. And then they climbed all over a statue and then ended up in a fountain...yes I said IN. Tuesday we saw "Smerfy" or The Smurfs. It was cute but of course all in Polish so I couldn't understand a lot. Finally, Wednesday Ella and I spent the day together. We started with a stop at Cupcake Corner, then went to the Rynek and bought birthday gifts for people, and finally ended up at the mall for manicures. Unfortunately, there was only one place to get manicures and there were no appointments. I was so bummed because I had told her (at least 2 years ago) when she stopped sucking her thumb she could get a manicure. This was it! Oh well...we will have to find a different time. Enjoy the pics!

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At the end of August my mom and stepdad were coming to visit. I was so excited. However, Kent found out unexpectedly a week before they were to leave that he had a blood clot in his lung and the doctor said he couldn't fly. Needless to say we were all a little disappointed. But what could you do? I am just glad it happened in America and not in Poland. So what to do for these 2 weeks before school starts? Oh I know...let's drive 9+ hours one way and check out the Baltic Sea region of Poland, after all that is where we are most likely moving to next summer. So after a couple days of planning and packing we loaded the car and set off.

We left on Friday morning around 8 and got to Gdansk around 6. The pastor of FBC Gdansk graciously offered for us to stay in an apartment they have as part of their church...which was such a blessing because every place we looked to stay was booked. It was perfect!  We got to the church, unloaded and then decided to set off for a place for dinner. We looked up on our phones the area for Old Town (love the iPhone!) and found it easily. We were in love! Gdansk had a completely different feel from Krakow. Don't get me wrong. We have loved living in Krakow, but Gdansk was just almost a "home" feel. We came to Krakow knowing we would leave and with a strong possibility it would be to head north. After spending the weekend up there, I think we are settled that this is where God wants us.

The pastor, Robert Miska, spent Saturday afternoon with us showing us around the Old Town and just visiting with us. We liked him a lot and look forward to ministering with him in the future. He has been in Gdansk for 21 years and has much wisdom for us. We attended FBC on Sunday for church and happened to sit behind a row of American M's with a different organization. They had been there for 2 years this month and will be there another 3 which means that we will be there together for the rest of our time before we head back to the States in 2014!!! That was so exciting!!!

We did spend some time at the beach which was quite chilly considering I am not sure it even got above 70 while we were there. But the girls had a blast!!! They are definitely beach babies. James has said several times how he would love to live in Southern California if it wasn't so expensive...well this isn't quite SC (and it will be much colder) but it is nice.

We ended the trip by driving to Warsaw and staying with friends and teammates. That was a great time to hang out as well as talk about their ministry and what things they are doing in Warsaw. We had a great trip and are looking forward to putting roots down in Gdansk. Enjoy some fun pics! 

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