Sunday, June 8, 2014

Warsaw Meetings

We had a VERY busy month in fact I think we have never NOT had a busy March. This year we had a team here working for a week and sick kids and a conference in Warsaw. Since the girls were going to be missing school for a day so we could drive anyway, we decided it would be fun to find a hotel with a pool and go a night early to play, shop and just have a bit of family time. We stayed at a Holiday Inn with an amazing pool area. We also happened to stop at the coolest McDonald's I have ever been still tasted like McD's and I still had a horrible stomach ache after we ate, but it was cool atmosphere.

Our table had an interactive table...we could play games and stuff.

Party room and place with crayons and paper to color.

You can order and pay for your food here and then you pick it up at the counter. We paid in cash so we didn't get to try it out, but seems cool.

So many screens! Those tables open to reveal a checkers table. Pretty cool!!

Tablets were obviously the most popular attraction, of course.

I do LOVE the McCafe!!

Really cool pool in the hotel.

Such a big girl to dry her own hair.

We had one roll away and a huge kingsized bed. I am not a fan of sharing beds with my kids, so we pushed some chairs together and made Macie a cute little bed. She loved it!!

It is nice to be able to get away for a few days every now and then. It makes coming home much more fun!

American...3 years later

In January I had to suddenly return to Texas because of the death of my grandfather. It was a bittersweet return. It was almost 3 years to the date since I left from Texas to come to Poland when I landed. I hadn't been back in all that time. We head back this summer, but I was really a bit anxious...actually quite a bit anxious about how America would feel to be back. I was quite thankful for the opportunity to go back for a couple weeks and take it all in without having to also have to take care of my kids and husband. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it might have been. I am ready to head back in July without as much I have shopped and eaten at my favorite places so I can let my family choose what they want. :) Here are a few of my favorite spots and memories from the trip back.

I do not fly well. I have a lot of anxiety, so I prayed a lot through these flights and they were amazing!! However, when I landed in DC at Dulles Airport, my flight was delayed. So I thought, no worries I'll have dinner...first thing I saw was Wendy's. I had completely forgotten about that. I got my favorite things...cheeseburger, sour cream and chive potato, Frosty and of course a Dr. Pepper. When I walked up, I saw these GINORMOUS cups. The lady asked me what size of a cup did I want. I just looked at her and answered, "I don't know..." She gave me a small I think which was just fine. The burger was a let down...blah! But the rest was good.

First meal out...TexMex!! I miss this most of all in Poland!

First fountain drink from a gas station in over 3 years. Woohoo!! I thought I had lost my taste for DP, but it turns out I LOVE American DP, it's the European version that isn't so good. 

I LOVE eggnog!! I was so excited that there was still a few cartons in the stores after Christmas.

Of course I had to have Chick Fil A. It is not my favorite food and unlike most of my M friends, I do not miss or crave it. It did taste like CFA that I remembered though.

TEXAS ROADHOUSE!!! My favorite restaurant!!!
And the food food I miss that is a very close second to TexMex. This steak did NOT disappoint!
My favorite cereal from my favorite store...TARGET!!!
No caption necessary!
I also got hang out with some of my favorite nieces and meet 2 new ones. (not pictured Caroline and Evan)
And meet this little cutie...Izabella
One of my FAVORITE people in the world drove from Houston to hang out for the afternoon. Such a special treat!!

My amazing sis drove me to Temple for their first day in the new church. I got to hug on Pam and meet Chris.

And hang out with these 2 amazing ladies! Can't wait for an extended LNO when I get back.
We did have a few crazy times like this...trying on our wedding dresses. I would choose mine again today.

Ok so when People come to see us, I always take a pic of them walking out of the gate. No one was going to do this for me, so I did it of myself. I was going on about 72 hours of no sleep and canceled flights but....

Me, Granny, Britni, Dad and Shirley at the graveside.

This house was where my grandma and her sister and brothers were all born. It has been moved to the middle of town in Dublin, TX as a historical building. So cool!!

This will always be a special picture to grandma, sister, myself, and my great aunt (Granny's sister).

I had a wonderful time in Texas!! There were many tears and sad days, lots of laughter and silly activities, too much food...some as good as I remember, some not so good...and time with people closest to me. I am so thankful that God allowed me to be there for my dad and grandma during this time.