Saturday, August 25, 2012

Salzburg...Ten Years Later

This year James and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. For our honeymoon we were able to take an out of this world trip thanks to a generous family in our church. We chose to go to Switzerland and Austria. I had always dreamed of going to Salzburg, Austria because I LOVED the move The Sound of Music. James thought I was crazy, but he went with it. We fell in love with the City of Salt and were determined to spend our tenth anniversary there. Little did we know we would be living within a 8-10 hour drive from this city. We took an early anniversary trip with Ella and Macie...I know, I know. We took the kids but they LOVE the Sound of Music as much as I...or So we couldn't pass up the opportunity for them to come along. We had a blast!!! We have now travelled many places in the world and both of us agree that Salzburg is our favorite city. We LOVE it...and you should go and check it out for yourself. :)

We started with The Eagle's Nest...which was a vacation home given to Hitler for his 50th birthday.

Walking into the side of the mountain to an elevator to the Eagle's Nest.

Marble fireplace given by Mussolini 

We then went to the salt mine we went to last time. It was not quite what we remembered...kind of lame! Then we after went to a lake and hiked to a point our tour guide told us to. It was gorgeous!!

The next day was Ella's birthday so we decided it would be fun for her to spend the day doing to Sound of Music tour and dinner theater. We had a great time. The girls loved getting to see where the movie was filmed and what were the true parts of the movie and what were made up for entertainment. The girls were glued to the performers at the dinner theater. 

The Gazebo

This is the lake that the kids fall in off the canoe.

Church where the movie wedding took place.

Standing on the bridge the kids run on with Maria in the movie

Ella and Macie got to be part of the show.
We did a lot of sightseeing throughout the week. James and I love to sightsee and tour places. God really blessed us with Ella and Macie. What 9 & 5 year olds walk all over old towns and through museums and have a blast and don't complain? We saw the house Mozart was born and the one he was raised in. Ella now has a love for Mozart after this. They got their own headsets and we couldn't pass by room because the girls had to listen to all the stories. We also toured the Hellbrun Castle with the trick fountains. I think we all got sprayed at some point. We took a cable car ride to the top of a mountain in the Austrian Alps. It was a bit scary to me, but the views were amazing! 

I never fail to be impressed with the ages of buildings and monuments in other parts of the world. I am always reminded of just how young America is. We toured the fortress and there were parts that were over 500 years old. AMAZING!!! We decided to add an extra night at the last minute when we found out The Sound of Music was the show at the Marionett Theater. The girls had a great time. I had to keep reminding them not to sing. Haha!

We could have stayed other places for less money and be closer into Salzburg, but we decided we would stay at the same bed&breakfast we stayed at on our honeymoon. The staff we just as sweet and helpful as they were 10 years ago. We had such a wonderful time celebrating 10 years of marriage. I am blessed beyond what I could imagine to have had James as my husband and best friend for the past 10 years. 

This is really why I love him! Haha...

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Chrissy + Nate said...

What a wonderful trip and what great memories to have with your family! Happy anniversary!