Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ella's 8!!!

So a little over 10 years ago James asked me to marry him. In that time, I have graduated from college, had 2 babies, changed ministries 3 times, moved 3 times (not counting the several moves last year), became a mom to numerous teenage girls, became foster parents, watched my oldest start school and  ask Jesus into her heart and be baptized by her daddy, experienced the devastation of a our church fire, stood next to my sister as she married the man of her dreams and become a mom, experienced the death of 3 of James grandparents and my last great grandma, traveled to many countries, and said goodbye to our friends and families and moved our family to a foreign country. WOW!!! This time has flown by!!! So why am I starting a blog about Ella's birthday by focusing on the past 10 years? Because 10 years from now Ella will be 18 and graduating from high school. If these 10 years passed by so quickly how fast will the next 10 years go? I am trying to enjoy each day with Ella...although I am ready to be past the awkward elementary stage! But all too soon she will move out and I will so miss her!

Ok enough of tears...let's talk about birthday parties! This is obviously our first party here in Poland. It took us a long time to come up with a plan. Initially she wanted a party at the indoor water park...but that turned into a bigger deal so we scrapped it. Plan 2...a bowling party. However when we checked on that you had to be 10. Great so now what? We saw a movie poster that said Kung Fu Panda 2 came out the day before her birthday...PERFECT!!!! It also meant little need for Polish conversation. We went to the movie and shared a HUGE bucket of popcorn. After the movie we had cake, presents and sang Happy Birthday in Polish and English. She had 4 little girls from school that were absolutely precious as well as 2 other M kids from America. We had a great party and Ella had a great time. Here are few pictures to enjoy.

My sweet 8 year old.

Ella with her friends from left-right: Macie, Iwonka, Natalka, Kaleb, Ella, Hania, Maja, Arin

After the movie

Cake time.  
This is Sto Lat...the Polish Happy Birthday song.

We decided on Friday that Ella had not had much down time since coming home from Green School and it was becoming obvious through her behavior. I decided I would keep her home from school for just a day of nothing. We had language in the morning so I was going to send Macie to school and let Ella read or watch movies and then we would start baking cakes and make icing together before Macie got home from school. Well Friday morning our teacher called and cancelled our class...that never happens so we took it as a sign from God. We decided to have our family birthday time with Ella and keep Macie home from school. We had gotten Ella rollerblades (Rolki in Polish) and got everyone else some too so we could all play together. We let her open them and then headed out to the park and taught the girls to skate. We had a great day!!! Thank you God for the day off!
Macie chose the game Piggy Pop for Ella. I think she chose it as much for herself as for Ella.

Ella and Macie can be sweet sisters. I wish it was more often!

Macie's new blades

Ella's new blades.

Such a great smile! I love you Ella!!!


Janell said...

I loved reading this post. Ella is growing up so much (and Macie too!!). I especially loved that she was singing along to her own birthday song (haha) and that awesome cake! Did you make it?

alegna79 said...

Thanks Janell...yes I did make the cake. Ella cracked me up singing as well. It was cute!