Sunday, January 20, 2013

Craziest Night Ever

Ok so what we did tonight is something I would imagine some crazy high school/college guys in west Texas to come up with sometime because they are either bored or drunk...or both. And yet not only did I participate, I allowed my children to as well...and PAID for this activity. What is it you ask?

Well what I thought was a horse drawn sleigh ride through a beautiful snow covered meadow was a little bit more. There were horses and they were pulling a sleigh...but lined up behind this sleigh were about 5-6 small wooden sleds tethered to each other with a rope between them. Then 3 people sit on each of the sleds. Then the horses did pull the sleigh...and the sleds as well. Yeah this was a safe idea. Ella rode with her friend, Blix and his mom. (they were the ones that invited us on this endeavor.) James, Macie and I rode on the last sled because that is where James wanted to be. Before we started James said, "There is going to be a jerk." Yeah...there was. I don't think the horses were quite in the right state of mind. About thirty seconds into this ride we made our first turn and James slid off the back of the sled followed by myself and then Macie. A lady a couple sleds up fell off as well and then another sled hit her back. She was in tears. What a great idea! NOT!

At this point Macie was crying and saying she didn't want to ride again. Who could blame her? I didn't want to ride again. I wasn't about to force her. Well we got off along with Ella and her friend and Ute, my friend. Ute said the horses were not ok. Ella decided it was because they were in such a small area and felt squished...maybe. In spite of this, they went on with some crazy people sitting on the sled. Ute then talked to some people and asked if this big tractor that was hooked up to a different sleigh...and of course a line of sleighs...could be used instead of the horses. They agreed and we decided we would give it a go...afterall, we did pay for this, right? The tractor was smoother but the guy driving liked to swerve so James and I (still sitting in the back) fell off 3 more times. After the second time, Macie got to go sit in the sleigh. Remember roller skating and everyone held hands to make a big snake or whip and the person in back got jerked the most? Yeah that is how it felt.

Now we started going through a nice snowy meadow. It was beautiful!!! But after we passed through this meadow, we crossed a street...a STREET. A street with a fork where 2 streets joined the one. And James, Macie and I are at the back. Good grief. After that we were mainly on streets that had a light layer of snow/ice...on wooden sleds with metal bottoms. We just kept laughing because we could not believe this was really happening. Finally, after about 45 min, we arrived back to where we started and got off. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Oh and our small group bible study leader had just been telling us about this idea to do with our small group. It was kind of what I was picturing and had thought it didn't sound super safe. Well I think we will be busy this weekend. Haha! This is an annual event for the group of people we were with. WOW!!! And so now I leave with pictures to see what it looked like. :) Anyone else done anything like this?

Lined up with the horses.

Ella sitting with Ute and Blix

After the crash and before the next ride.

Mace was so glad to be off!

Take 2 with the tractor...

It's a bit blurry but this is the snowy meadow that would have been great if we had stayed in.

You can see that we are on the street.


Chrissy + Nate said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is definitely crazy and sounds a bit made up like you said, ha! But now you can say you did it and you never have to do it again! ;)

29stwaterfall said...

Oh my. As crazy as it sounds, part of my would have found that way fun.... most of me not so much. At least you have a story now :) And snow! I'm jealous of the snow!

kacole said...

Um, wow.